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Two Digital Properties

iClass Builder for Indoor Cycling Instructors:  Use iClass Builder to build a library of Indoor Cycling classes with music sources of Spotify, Apple and your own mixes via Dropbox folders.  Portray your ride profile on a screen while you teach and get a free master instructor level class delivered to you every month at

Ride Journal for Riding at Home or Alone in a Gym:  If you want access to on-line Indoor Cycling classes as well as virtual cycling rides in Italy, France, Spain and Hawaii, this is the site for you.  You can also create a training plan to help you get in your best shape to ride these areas for real.  It's all on Ride Journal.  

See promos and samples of video content on Ride Journal below

These promos are of our Virtual Cycling library, but we also have hundreds of Indoor Cycling classes with multiple instructors - some showing the audience and the more recent ones just showing Coach Gino teaching

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